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Environmental & Social Commitment

Being successful as an enterprise is of course the top-most priority of the Katathani Collection, its management and team. However, all of our activities are based on the principles of sustainable development.

Katathani Collection believes that it is important to keep a balance between the economic growth and welfare of our community, therefore ensuring that environmental practices and social initiatives are implemented within the resort. We feel that the hospitality and tourism industry is under pressure to become more environmentally friendly as a result of consumer demand. In order to minimize the industry’s negative impacts on the ecosystem we have integrated sustainability principles on our core business strategy.

We are extremely proud of the commitment we have made to this bountiful planet, finding the importance to make steady measured progress of our efforts to safeguard our environment through consistent water conservation, energy efficiency, waste reduction and clear air practices. Our policy is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Green Activities

  • World Environment Day
  • Garbage & Waste Management
  • Big Beach Cleaning
  • Environmental Detective Program
  • Water & Energy


The Katathani Collection has saved millions of USD over the years by implementing comprehensive sustainability projects. A significant portion of these savings is donated through the We Love Hometown Foundation for the restoration and maintenance of local facilities. These savings would not be possible without the dedicated commitment of our staff to our sustainability goals. Therefore, a portion of these savings also goes to supporting Katathani Collection staff in times of crisis and to encouraging and celebrating with them in times of joy, such as birthdays, staff parties, trips, and other special functions.

We continue to challenge ourselves and constantly develop new objectives and goals on a regular basis to remain at the forefront of the modern environmental conservation effort.

Environmental Policy


  • To identify and implement new and sustainable measures to minimize the use of energy and the consumption of natural resources reducing climate change impacts in the process. Furthermore, we will encourage our guests and staff to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle "whilst continuing to seek new methods to make this easier for them to achieve.
  • To appropriately manage environmental aspects in order to reduce our harmful effects on nature,i.e. visual impact, waste generation, atmospheric emissions/noise/waste water. We will also seek to increase safety for and promote the health and well being of our employees, community, and guests.
  • To follow and enforce local and government legislation/regulations regarding the environment at all times.
  • To promote environmental awareness and understanding through staff training, and communication to all employees and collaborators of the company in order to encourage their active co-operation.
  • To keep clients, local community, local government, and environmentally based NGO's well informed with the objective of motivating them to co-operate in creating an effective relationship to preserve the environment for sustainable tourism.
  • To continually set new environmental objectives and goals and to carry out internal and external audits in order to guarantee the maintenance and continual improvement of the environmental management system.
  • To conserve native plants, local wildlife and way of life for sustainable tourism.

Human Rights Policy


Every member of the board, management and Katathani Collection of Resorts staff of every level shall be aware of importance of, respect human rights of every aspect of everyone and laws of every country and treaty each country is committed to and:

  • Pay respect to human rights and treat each other with respect and honor on equality basis without considering differences in physical and mental appearances, race, nationality, religion, gender, language, age, skin, education, social status and any other factors.
  • Care must be taken when performing duty to prevent any risks in human rights violation in business. Everyone shall monitor and provide any support to protect human rights.
  • Support actions to protect human rights.
  • Support communication, dissemination, education, creation of understanding, defining direction, and provide any support to any stakeholders in the business including guests, staffs, supplier, and contractor to join the business with ethics respecting human rights and treating everyone based on the human rights principle in this policy.
  • Monitor and provide any support to protect human rights. We shall monitor human rights respect, not ignore or pay attention when finding any action matching human rights violation relating to hotel. Report must be made to supervisor or people of responsibility on this issue. Such person shall give cooperation to any inquiry or investigation of truth. In case of any doubt or question, such person shall consult his supervisor or people of responsibility via the assigned channels.
  • Continuously develop to identify risk in violation of human rights, identify group of people or person who have been impacted, plan and define corrective and preventive actions for human rights violation, resolve and prevent human rights violation problem and monitor the situation. Systematically, we shall periodically review the risk mapping of potential issues, and appropriate mitigation plan shall beset for human rights violation case.
  • Determined to create and maintain corporate culture aiming to respect human rights according to this Human Rights Policy.
  • Any person who violates the human rights which is also acting against hotel policy shall be considered disciplinary penalty as defined by hotel and may be subject to legal punishment if the act is against the law.

We hereby declare that we acknowledge these regulations and are practiced within our organization.

Health and Safety Policy


Katathani Collection of Resorts has determined the vision to become a leading hotel in Asia. Our hotel realizes that safety, occupational health and a good working environment are vital for our guests, employees, suppliers, and visitors. Thus, the Safety, Occupational health and Working Environment Policy is stipulated as follows:

  • The hotel will develop the safety, occupational health and working environment management system in compliance with the laws, international standards and other regulations and requirements that have been applied and practiced on regular and sustainable manner to cultivate safety mind in workplace among our guests, employees, suppliers, visitors and those working in the hotel’s premises.
  • The hotel regards that safety is the duty and responsibility of all employees. Supervisors at all levels have to act as role models leading, supporting and encouraging their subordinates to be aware of safety at work. Also, they have to oversee the operations of the employees, suppliers, visitors and those working in the Company’s premises to strictly follow the safety and occupational health rules and regulations for maximum safety in all operating processes.
  • The hotel will encourage and support the participation of guests, employees, suppliers, visitors and those working in its premises in the implementation of safety, occupational health and good working environment practices.
  • The hotel realizes the substance if prevention and risks assessment of hazards and environment impacts and will therefore introduce and undertake all necessary measures to ensure the efficiency of prevention and correction system.
  • The hotel will provide its employees at all levels with relevant knowledge and build up their awareness of the crucially of safety, occupational health and good working environment works.
  • The hotel will monitor and assess the implementations according to safety, occupational health and working environment policy deployed in the annual plan in order for active and efficient actions.
  • The hotel will provide proper resources including budget, time, personnel and relevant sources in the implementation according to the safety, occupational health and working environment management system.

We hereby declare that we acknowledge these regulations and are practiced within our organization.

Procurement and Employment Policy


The organization recognizes that procurement is a management process that plays an important role in the management. Restoration and preservation of natural resources, environment, traditions, arts and culture and traditional way of life of the community.

To achieve the results of sustainable tourism management based on the principle. "By the Community for Sustainable Tourism Communities", Katathani collection of resort has set a policy of environmentally-friendly and sustainable purchasing / outsourcing as follows.

  • It reserves the right to hire more than 20% of local service providers to create jobs and bring community livelihoods together.
  • Promote contractors, subcontractors who are local personnel to create and develop careers.
  • Support local seasonal products, services and raw materials to diversify income and reduce global warming.
  • Take into account quality, safety standards, reusable, recyclable, energy saving, global warming and eco-friendly.
  • Buy alternatives that avoid the impact on the environment, sustainability, and reduce global warming.
  • Procurement & Employment that promotes the preservation of traditions, arts, and local identity.

Quality Assurance Policy


We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, with regards to quality, standard and good service, emphasizing our hotel’s identity as a placefor relaxation and to ensure that our guests receive the highest satisfaction.

To achieve the above policy, we must do the following:

  • Effectively manage work according to the hotel policies and guidelines. This is accomplished by the principles of simplicity (Knowing the reasoning behind these principles and the need to understand business sustainability).
  • Focus on customer service and the cleanliness of the hotel. We work with the concept of "We love our hotels like our home; we welcome our guests as family."
  • Strengthen the ethical standards of employees; expect moral values by adhering to “Being Frugal, Be Diligent, Be Honest, and Decline all vices”.
  • Coordinate with our staff and listen to their thoughts and experiences within the organization. This allows us to work together in accordance with specified policies.

Therefore, all employees at all levels of the organization must understand and apply these policies, throughout.